Thursday, 22 August 2013


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Hi guys! So today for myself and many other people around the UK (and maybe other countries I'm not sure), year 10 and 11's have received their long awaited exam results! Now I have just finished year 10 and will be moving into year 11 when I go back to school in two weeks, therefore I only had 3 results to collect today. None the less, I am incredibly proud of myself for the grades I achieved! I got C's in my English and Math's exams and a B in my Science exam!
Now I must admit, I wasn't feeling very confident about my results at all since admittedly, my English resit went absolutely awful. Now if you're wondering why I re-sat my English exam, it's because the first time I did the exam was back in January, and in March we got the results. However, we didn't get any form of grade or any grade boundaries, only scores. Therefore we had no idea if anyone had passed or not. So my English teacher who happens to be the head of the department, decided to re-enter everyone that had a satisfactory mark according to their teachers standards would re-sit the exam. Finally after 8 months of waiting, our results came and I passed! Woohoo! I'm not going to go into detail of how my re-sit went awful because to be honest, it was a very silly mistake and I'd rather not repeat it (maybe I should have opened my eyes a bit more, that's all I'm saying).
If you're coming up to the all important years where you start to enter exam stress and revising; do not panic! That is literally, thee worst thing you can do in my opinion. If you go into an exam, thinking; oh my god, what is happening?! I can't remember anything, what if I fail oh my god where am I sitting?! ...then mostly likely, you will have little trip up's. I think going into the exam hall with a good mind set is so important because if you go in thinking that you're going to fail as soon as you open the booklet, then mostly likely you will panic and start to over think and make mistakes. However, if you go in thinking; whatever happens, happens. I'll try my best, I've revised my best so I'm just going to give it my all, then I promise you, everything will go 10x more smoother.
I also advise two things for exams; revise hard before the exam, and also to know where you're sitting before you go into the exam. The absolute worst thing you can do in an exam, is go in without revising or anything. That's when you start to panic because you can't remember something and have to miss a question out. But hey, if you're an absolute brain box and can pass an exam without revising, congratulations you are everything I would like to be. Haha. The other bad thing to do is go into the exam without checking your seat before hand. Examiners literally expect you to come in, put your bags at the front, sit down and be quiet. There will be somewhere in your school, a check list with letters and numbers and your name on a piece of paper which locates your exact seat for the exam. If you go into the exam not knowing where your seat is and ask an invidulator, most likely they will sigh and give you the sheet to find your name and give you the death look.
So anyway's, I hope this has helped anyone with any exam stress and anyone that isn't too sure what to do! To any fellow year 10/11 students that received their results today, I hope you are all very happy with them! Thank you for reading x

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