Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mac 'Creme cup' lipstick.

Hi guys! For Christmas from my friend I was kindly gifted the Mac 'Creme Cup' lipstick and I must say, I love it!

How the lipstick looks on me.
The formulation is a cremesheen which means that its a pigmented lipstick but has a slight shine and feels smooth on the lips. I would describe this as a pink toned nude and I think it would suit any skin tone. This lipstick is great for if you're buying your first lipstick, especially a Mac one as they're not the cheapest. I think when buying your first high end lipstick it's key to buy something that you're going to wear everyday and something you know is worth the money you're paying for it.

What's your favourite lipstick?


  1. I love Pure Decoration for a nude!
    I want this one so bad! Looks great, thanks for posting this :)

  2. Hmm I don't think I've heard of that shade, I'll have a look the next time I pass a MAC stall thank you! It's a really lovely lipstick I would totally recommend it!x