Sunday, 8 December 2013

My beauty Christmas list!

Hi guys! So I thought today I would share with you the products that I have asked for Christmas! Christmas and birthdays are the times of the year where I can ask for the more expensive products in the beauty industry and not have to worry about the costs (so much). Therefore as I haven't done a post in a while and the festive time is creeping upon us, I thought I would share it with you all. 

Mac 'Myth' lipstick - £15.
For a while now I've been searching and searching for a perfect nude that will suit my skin tone. My friend owns the viva glam lady gaga lipstick in number 2 (I think, sorry!) and when I used it I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, as it was limited edition it's now out of circulation so the only other option was to find a good dupe but obviously from the same brand (Mac). I trialled and tested a few when I was at the stalls and I couldn't find one that I liked as much as that one until I came across Myth. Myth is a Satin formula and is a natural beige, so not entirely peach toned but not exactly full on beige. I think it's the perfect neutral for my lips and I can't wait to try it. 

NAKED2 Palette - £37.
It took me months to finally decide if I wanted one of the oh-so-famous NAKED palettes from Urban Decay as I had heard so many mixed views and opinions on them. Originally I wanted the original palette however, when I saw the second version I instantly changed my mind. In my opinion the colours are more varied as the first edition is very neutral toned. Although there is some of the exact same colours as the first on the second, there was new ones so I decided to ask for that one. However, NAKED3 came out almost instantly after my parents bought me the second and I fell in love with the third, so perhaps I may have to invest once I get Christmas money...

Mac Fix+ £14.50. 
For the last month or so I've found that my make-up hasn't really been staying put on my face properly, especially at school. I found that when I got home and went into my room to look in my mirror, I would literally be as pale as I was before I applied ANY make-up. Yes, this could be due to my absolute rubbish immune system or the weather but I'm going to class it as the make-up, okay? I seen a lot of reviews on this and thought, why not give it a try? 

Mac 4 lashes - £10.
It's coming up to the party season and since I'm in my final year of school, a lot of parties and gatherings are going to take place. The kind of look that I would go for to attend a party tends to be a dramatic eye and neutral lip. The final touch to complete dramatic eye has to be fake lashes, so why not purchase some? I went for the most natural of the collection that Mac do and I love them and I really can't wait to try these out. The only negative is that they don't come with any form of glue so I'll have to purchase separate glue, any suggestions guys?

Real Techniques Sam's Pick's gift set - £29.99. 
My list of the products that I want to buy when I get Christmas money is jam packed with Real Techniques brushes. When I watched Sam and Nick from Pixiwoo's Christmas gift guide video and they featured this gift set I fell in love. It features almost all of the brushes that I was going to purchase anyway's I looked it up on and realised that it would be cheaper to buy the set than purchase the brushes individually. 

Thank you so much for reading, comment below telling me your beauty Christmas list!

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