Sunday, 5 January 2014

Maybelline eye shadow base, worth the hype?

Hi guys! When I was shopping on new years eve I decided to pick up one of the Maybelline colour tattoo's in the shade 55-Immortal Charcoal to go with the makeup look that I would be doing to go with the look that I was doing for the party I was attending.

I have to say, these are definitely worth the hype in my opinion. They kept my eyeshadow in place all night and it didn't crease. However, when I picked this up I based it on the colour that it showed on the front of the pot which I forgot to photograph. I had gone clearly gone stupid in that moment as I didn't swatch it in the shop like I should have done. Therefore, this came on much darker than I expected. On the front of the pot it does look like a light coloured silver and it does on the skin, but once I put my eyeshadow on top it had went darker than I aimed for. Nevertheless, I am still very satisfied with this product and may purchase more shades.

Have you tried the Maybelline colour tattoos?

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  1. Hi Taylor! I saw your email and I've send you one back! ;)