Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Want a quick and easy nail polish remover?

Hi guys! So in the past I found it incredibly time consuming to remove your nail polish using the bog standard remover in the bottle, pouring onto a cotton pad and scrubbing at your nails for half an hour till it all eventually comes off. I know exactly what you're thinking, it's an absolute nightmare. However, I may have a solution...
I present to you, the Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover. Basically, this is just a pot with brown sponge inside which is completely soaked in nail varnish remover. However, unlike the normal time consuming routine you would normally have to go through, all you have to do is stick your finger/toe (however your toes are a bit more difficult but still manageable) in the pot and through the slit in the middle of your sponge and twist three of four times, pull your finger out and there you go. This literally takes about four or five seconds depending on what you're removing per nail. Remember how hard it was to remove that pesky glitter polish off of your nails the last time you wore it? Well, it even removes that. I can't fault this product as it removes your nail varnish incredibly easily and quickly and it's so efficient. It retails at the price of £6.95 and I purchased this in boots and I've used this ever since I bought it. The packaging is also medium sized meaning that it is easy to pop in your handbag in case you have a nail emergency and you don't want to carry those greasy paper remover pads. 

What's your favourite nail product?

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