Sunday, 15 June 2014

My TFIOS experience

Hi guys! Today's blog post is quite different from my normal blog posts but I thought I would grab the chance to do this kind of post. A couple of weeks ago, my friend got an email alerting her of some early fan screenings of the movie The Fault in Our Stars. She immediately told all of us on group chat and we decided to go. Now, admittedly I haven't as of yet read the book as I have been swamped with school work and revision, but I decided to tag along anyways.

The advanced screening was amazing to experience as the atmosphere was amazing. When you went into the cinema you received a lanyard with two different photos of the main characters from the book/film and a big poster.

The picture on the left was the photo that was on the big poster we also received. 
I'm not going to lie, but I think I cried throughout the whole film. So if you're not a fan of having your heart ripped out in the middle of the cinema through the emotional pain you witness on screen, then I wouldn't recommend this for you. I haven't as of yet read the book, but after seeing the film I definitely want to read it. I'm not going to ruin the storyline for everyone but if you're reading this and you have read the book or you already know what happens like I did; yes, it is exactly as heart-breaking as it sounds.

I definitely recommend this film as even though it's utterly heart-breaking, it is also a fantastic film with funny moments that uplift the mood and add to the heart-warming love story. 10/10 for you John Green!

Have you read TFIOS? 

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