Sunday, 10 August 2014

July 2014 favourites!

Hi guys! Firstly I want to apologise for the delay of this post as I've had a few issues going on at home, but nevertheless I am back! For today's blog post I thought I would share and discuss the thing that I have been loving throughout the month of July. 

1. MAC Cremesheen lipstick - Speed Dial. 
Throughout the warm month of July I have been loving this lipstick from MAC. I have wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and purchase a bright coloured lipstick for a while now, and when I saw this in the stand amongst the other lipsticks it caught my eye immediately. 
The colour is a bold pink with a slight gold undertone to it as if you look closely you can see the little shimmers in the lipstick. The pigmentation is incredible and I find it lasts quite a while on me too. 

2. Bareminerals marvelous moxie lipgloss - Rule Breaker. 
As I've mentioned in a previous blog post (which you can read HERE), I purchased this lipgloss after having my makeup done at the Bareminerals counter in Fenwicks a month ago. The shade is a gorgeous browny/golden nude colour with obvious gold shimmer through it. This looks gorgeous on top of a nude lipstick to create a glossy shine and isn't too sticky. 

3. DKNY Be Delicious perfume (the green one). 
I was gifted this perfume on my birthday and I haven't stopped wearing this since. I'll mention again, I really wish smellagram was a thing and you could smell how gorgeous this is. The scent is sweet yet very fresh, which is perfect for this time of year. When it develops on your skin it stays fresh and slightly floral. I also love the packaging as it is round which is different and unique from other perfumes. 

4. Gossip Girl. 
I'm very late to the bandwagon with this favourite, I must say. Recently we installed Netflix and when talking to my friend about what I should give a watch, she recommended the TV programme Gossip Girl to me. My gosh, this TV programme has literally taken up my Summer. I was instantly hooked and couldn't stop watching! 
The TV show is based in New York on the upper east side and follows the lives of 'Manhattans Elite'. There are so many twists and turns throughout the seasons, and I'm only half way through season 4! I absolutely love it, and I would recommend it to all of you that are looking for something new to watch! I'm watching it on Netflix but I know you can get them on box sets as it ended in 2012. 

What have you been loving throughout July? 
Taylor x 

xoxo Gossip Girl 


  1. Does the cremesheen texture fade fast? I've never tried one before.

    1. The texture seems to last up to an hour/hour and a half in my experience with them, however the colour pay off tends to last a whole lot longer x