Sunday, 14 June 2015

Summer Swishing event

A while ago I received a message from my friend highlighting a post that she had came across on Twitter, which was calling to all bloggers in my city for a Summer Swish event. Since the event was being held somewhere that we were able to easily get to, we decided to attend. The event was hosted by a really lovely lady named Rachel who greeted us at the door with smiles and hugs. During the event we were able to network with other bloggers, we had a talk from the MetroCentre's stylist and there was also two ladies from The Bodyshop there who gave the bloggers mini make-overs and makeup tips. 
The main activity in this event was obviously, the swishing. If you're not familiar with this, it is where you take a number of clothes or accessories that you would be happy to pass onto another blogger, you hang them up on a clothes rail with other bloggers clothes and then you are given red tags that you then put on the clothes or accessories that you want to take home with you. I took 5 items of clothing with me and I then received 5 red tags that I could hook onto the items that I would like to take home. It's a great way to clear your wardrobe of unwanted items, but to replace them with other items! At the end of the event we were kindly gifted two goodie bags: a bag of minitures and samples from house of fraser, and the bodyshop. 
Overall, we were well and truly spoilt at this event! If there is ever a swishing event advertised near you I would totally recommend checking it out!

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