About this little blog

About this little blog.

Hello! So I guess because you're reading this, that you must be in some way interested in my blog, so thank you! I love beauty products and fashion which I wanted to sort of elaborate on; I made this blog. I'm not as of yet confident enough to create videos however, my goal in this blog is to voice my opinions on products for your personal benefit. Upon this blog you'll see my (strongly) opinionated views on different products, advice and general posts such as monthly favourites and that kind of thing. 

From approximately Feburary 2013 I started watching youtube videos as I kind of grew more interested in beauty products. A lot of my friends were telling me about the likes of Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg who are beauty bloggers and youtubers which influenced me to have a look. I instantly became hooked watching their videos and branched out to their other Yotuber friends and now my subscription list is jam-packed! I feel as though this blog allows me to help you all and offer friendly advise and support, as I know upon and individual it can be different to get that kind of support-shall we say?

I just want to throw a disclaimer out there (sorry for the bore) that unless its stated, I have purchased these products with my money because this is what I choose to spend my money on therefore please don't be pressured into thinking that you need all of this. Whilst I'm at it, I'd also just like to mention that if I write an occasional life post and/or advice post that I'm not writing them to sway your perspective on things entirely. All they are there for is perhaps some guidance and advice, or even just a heads up on the chosen topic.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions on any subject as although I may be a complete stranger, I am completely open to offer advice or just someone to voice your troubles too. If you have any desires of a future post please don't hesitate to ask because I'm open all ears for your suggestions. (This would be helpful as I do write these posts for you).

Thank you so so so much to everyone who has ever even looked at this blog, it means an awful lot to a small girl like myself. Much love.

Where else to find me;

Twitter: @umitstaylor
Instagram: JustTaylorx
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